Building The Real-Time Enterprise

Product Description

This book is organized and laid out to provide information in quickly understandable chapters and in sections within chapters. Each chapter stands on its own and provides a usable body of information on an aspect of the real-time enterprise. Chapters includes diagrams, tables, and lists to illustrate and summarize key points and real-world case studies and executive interviews to provide further insight into the subject matter presented in the chapter.Readers of this book will:

  • Gain a clear picture of how organizations can profit from use of real-time operations
  • Appreciate the theory, technology, and business practices that underpin the real-time enterprise
  • Learn a pragmatic and efficient approach for developing real-time systems in their own organizations

This discussion of the real-time enterprise is a blend of both theoretical and practical perspectives based on years of applying real-time concepts to actual business situations.

From the Back Cover – Praise for BUILDING THE REAL-TIME ENTERPRISE

“Finally, the vision of the real-time enterprise defined in terms management and business people can understand. Hugos has cleared a path for companies wanting to deliver more value faster to the customer base and gain real competitive advantage. How? By working in a real-time enterprise, you can see all of the pieces of business in motion simultaneously, understand their relation to each other, and simply make better business decisions. It is the promise of IT delivered…tools that turn information into knowledge…knowledge into action…and action into results.”
– Dale F. Reeves, Director of Global eBusiness, JohnsonDiversey Inc.

“This book is a must-read for COOs, CFOs, and CIOs. Mr. Hugos lays out a road map that includes best practice tools and techniques to define, understand, devise, and implement real-time initiatives. The elegantly simple approach to systems development allows for economies in development and shows how best to maneuver through change. Of special interest were the Executive Insight sections at the end of each chapter, and the real-world cases proved invaluable.”
– Robert G. Grazulis, Vice president of Project Management Office, Options Clearing Corporation

The real-time enterprise is not another IT fad…it is here to stay. Companies that leverage the power of real-time information will far surpass their competition. Building the Real-Time Enterprise provides a concise overview of how a real-time enterprise works, what competitive advantage it offers, and pragmatic strategies to implement it in your organization.

Learn how to maximize internal operating efficiencies, spot new opportunities, and respond to them instantly with the help of Building the Real-Time Enterprise.

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