Essentials of Supply Chain Management

Book Description

“In clear and concise prose, this lean book outlines the most crucial tenants and concepts of supply chain management.” – Supply Chain Management Review, (September/October 2003)

Now in its 3rd edition, reports Essentials of Supply Chain Management as the best selling supply chain book worldwide since 2004. It has been translated from English into Chinese and five other languages.

SCM Globe – Supply Chain  Simulation Application

(Online Supply Chain Modeling and Simulations)

Complement the 3rd edition with the web-based supply chain modeling and simulation application — SCM Globe. It combines the fun of a video game with a serious learning experience about supply chains. Draw supply chains on a map of the world. Drag and drop to create facilities, routes, and vehicles. Then simulate its performance to see how it works. Tweak the design until you have what you want. Learn how supply chains work as you model and simulate real or fictional supply chains anywhere in the world.