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Product Description

For the last 100 years the assembly line has been the dominant model for organizing business operations. But now high rates of change and the unpredictable nature of our real-time global economy calls for something more flexible and responsive. Games offer field-tested methods and models for people to organize and focus their actions and continuously learn and succeed in fast-paced and unpredictable environments. See pragmatic examples of how to use game mechanics to improve business operations from sales to supply chain management. Get ideas you can use in your own company. It’s not a game, it’s the future of work!

From the Book Cover – Praise for ENTERPRISE GAMES

“Read this book, it’s not a game it’s the future of work!”
—Mark P. McDonald, Group Vice President, Gartner

“I found this book to be the most fact-based testimony so far for gamification in the enterprise.”
—Mario Herger, Senior Innovation Strategist and Global Head of Gamification, SAP Labs

  • Discover why industrial age business structures from the 20th century no longer work
  • Design real-time business collaboration systems, using massively multiplayer online (MMO) game concepts
  • Make your in-house systems more agile with technologies such as social media, mobile devices and cloud computing
  • Understand game dynamics: goals, rules, real-time feedback, and voluntary participation.
  • Apply virtual worlds and 3-D animation to business intelligence and data analytics applications.


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