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Doing Business in the Cloud

Customers, business partners and your own employees now want your products and services to cater to a level of expectations set by leading social media and consumer technology companies. It is clear that the future of business is all about adapting and integrating the use of this technology into the core of your company’s operations. Cloud computing is a pivotal driver in this mix and companies that learn to effectively leverage its capabilities will set the pace for others to follow. See a conceptual framework to think about this challenge, and hear specific ideas and case studies.

Tao of Supply Chains

See how to turn commodity products into valuable solutions to unique customer needs by wrapping them with tailored supply chain services. Learn to identify customer needs and effectively deliver value added supply chain services to meet those needs. Customers will pay extra for services with a provable value proposition. Hear specific ideas and case studies – such as selling commodity products for (just a bit) more than market rates by wrapping them with tailored services to fit unique customer needs.

Established Company Looking for Chief Innovation Officer

In business it’s not just innovative ideas that you need; what really counts is turning those ideas into profitable offerings customers want to buy. How will the chief innovation officer and the creative types be integrated into the rest of the company? Are they just going to dream up ideas and toss them over the wall to be delivered by others or will they have their own delivery capabilities? Get examples and case studies from real world experience.

IT Agility Makes Work Fun Again

IT people get no respect from business people – here’s what to do about it. Respond to business needs quickly using 30-60-90 day cycles to deliver working systems and then continuously enhance them with new features as the world unfolds and new needs arise. Agility isn’t about doing complex things fast, it’s about doing simple things well.

Business Agility: Sustainable Prosperity in a Relentlessly Competitive World

Learn five key characteristics of the agile enterprise that companies are using to become more agile and adaptive, and see how organizations are changing their financial and operating structures and their supporting IT architecture to respond in real time. The five key characteristics are illustrated by real world case studies and research.

A Formula to Measure Business Agility

Drawing on my experience as a CIO and working with clients, actual business and IT strategies are presented to deliver business success and earn the “agility dividend” of profit margins consistently 2 to 4 percent higher than the going market rate.

Audience Comments (see recommendations on my LinkedIn profile)

“Passionate, knowledgeable speaker”

“Much more applicable information than expected”

“Dry sense of humor entirely appropriate to the subject matter…”

Sample Speaking Engagements

  • Five City North American Tour, Keynote Speaker, “Consumer Powered IT” produced by IT Services Vendor
  • Seoul and Busan, South Korea, Featured Speaker, “Future of Cloud Computing”, Cloud Expo Korea
  • Singapore, Keynote speaker at Asia Pacific CIO Forum, “How to Get Inspired for Innovation”, sponsored by IT Vendor
  • Beijing, China, Keynote speaker at supply chain seminar, “Building Agile Real-Time Supply Chains”, produced by CIO Insight China, sponsored by IT Vendor
  • Dallas, USA, Featured speaker at corporate advisory board meeting, “Business Agility: Earning the Agility Dividend”
  • Las Vegas, USA, Featured speaker at annual User Conference for major information technology vendor”