30-Day Blitz

30-Day Blitz Workbook

Request sample workbook from a 30-Day Blitz to see how an agile development team works (email or call – see upper right corner of screen)

IT Agility Makes Work Fun Again!
In every situation there are significant improvements that can be made in 30 days or less; and they become a base to continue building further capabilities as you move toward your goal. Let’s Talk when you’re ready to do a 30 Day Blitz in your business.


The Value of IT Agility
How the 30-Day Blitz helped a fortune 500 company launch a new application system quickly and grow it with the business.


Agility Means Simple Things Done Well, Not Complex Things Done Fast
Agile is more than working hard or fast, agile means finding elegantly simple solutions to seemingly complex problems.


Strategic Alliance Partners — I leverage a network of firms and individuals to provide specific skills and expertise as needed.