I’m an author, speaker, award-winning CIO and principal at Center for Systems Innovation [c4si]. I develop elegant solutions to complex problems with focus in supply chains, business intelligence and agile development. I’ve worked with companies such as Microsoft, Starbucks Coffee, U.S. Navy Medical Logistics Command and many smaller organizations. I’ve spoken at conferences, taught seminars and mentored teams in Africa, Asia, Europe and North America.

I write from first-hand experience and from conversations with other practitioners and researchers. My books include the popular Essentials of Supply Chain Management (now in its 4th edition), reported by as the best selling supply chain book worldwide since 2004. It is available in six different languages.

In addition to my interest in business and technology, I’m a student of history (Roman and Modern history in particular). We’re going through an epic cultural and social shift on a global scale right now. Having historical perspective is a big help to make sense of what is happening. My historical novel Leptis Magna: Emperors Dream on the Edge of the Desert is based on a true story and is an allegory for our own time.